About Grayhats Smart Home

About Grayhats Smart Home

Grayhats Smart Home is the new revolutionary innovation of the smart world, providing intelligent technology for all your home automation needs. While other home automation solutions are expensive and unsuitable for the Indian market, Grayhats Smart Home has ensured that its products are affordable and especially designed keeping in mind the needs of the Indian consumer. For this, extensive research has been carried out over the years, to rightly identify the needs of the market, by our creative and highly dedicated R&D team, to finally bring to you integrated home automation solutions, which are user friendly and easy on the pocket. Our team has made sure that while our products are inexpensive, there has been no compromise on its quality and performance. Grayhats Smart Home automation systems are designed to seamlessly adapt to your living and working environment, allowing you to monitor and manage the same from the comfort of your phone, in a comfortable and convenient fashion. Grayhats Smart Home offer wide range of smart products like plugs, sensors, cameras and switches allows you to automate your home/office, effortlessly and efficiently.

Grayhats Smart Home

The Grayhats Smart Home wireless system is highly adaptable to changing technology, and is hence designed to work on direct Wi-Fi, without the hassles of interference and multiple wiring. The System Works on Direct Wifi While many smart home technologies require a centralized controller to manage all its prod- ucts, the Grayhats Smart Home systems directly connect with your smart device, completely eliminating the need of a controller or hub. No need of Controller/hub Grayhats Smart Home systems are designed to work locally without internet, allowing you to control your devices, via routers, even when there is no internet connection available. The Grayhats Smart Home range of products have been developed to be user-friendly and easy to install, hence can work on , internet without the need of static ip and configuration. Works locally without internet Works on the internet without static ip or configuration

The Grayhats Smart Home range of products are easy to use and quick to install. Since Grayhats Smart Home does not require any additional wiring, the devices are designed to be installed by both professionals and home owners as well. Once the products have been set up, all you need to do is install the Grayhats Smart Home app on your smartphone, instantly allowing you to integrate the system to your device, with the help of its user friendly interface. Easy installation Grayhats Smart Homes intelligent systems are devised to adapt with your existing switchboards, thus eliminating the need for additional wiring, making the entire process hassle free. No Wiring required Your Grayhats Smart Home automation system is highly adaptable to new devices, allowing you to add any of our products to your existing system, without any hassles.You can easily add additional Grayhats Smart Home products including Plugs,Switches. Sensors & Cameras at any time to any room to control and monitor multiple devices or appliances. Modular Grayhats Smart Home is as easy to remove as it is to install. Take your Grayhats Smart Home devices with you, wherever you go, and we will help you set it up. Retrofit Installation

Download the free Grayhats Smart Home app on your iOS/ Android devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, to start using your home automation system. Its simple and straightforward user interface allows you to seamlessly integrate your home automation system to your device. Control your appliances and switches, one at a time or all at once, with our highly flexible app, where you can customize icons and the interface according to your needs. The app is always in sync with the hardware, so all data is updated in real time, instantaneously. The app has been developed by our in house team, who work along with the R&D department, giving them a better understanding of the needs of the end user. This also ensures that you receive regular updates for the app, without any additional costs. You can continue to use the Grayhats Smart Home app for as long as you like, completely free of cost, without any subscription charges.

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Grayhats G-Spike Smart WIFI IoT Adapter ( Smart WIFI Power Strip ) Works With Alexa and Google Home

Grayhats G-Spike Smart WIFI IoT Adapter ( Smart WIFI Power Strip ) Works With Alexa and Google Home

The smart G-Spike Adapter ( Smart Power Strip ) comes with a master switch, indicator, safety shutter, international sockets, surge protector and Wi-fi Strip. It not only protects your appliances from harmful damage during electrical imbalances but also lets you operate your home appliances virtually from anywhere and everywhere. The –Spike Adapter works with any Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service. You can even pair it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and can run using voice command too. Each socket can be controlled and scheduled independently.

The G-Spike Adapter lets you control your appliances at your fingertips by using an iOS/Android App. You can Schedule on/off all those power hungry appliances which drain a lot of electricity and even check the energy usage in some cases. The scheduler works even when the internet is down and you’ll get notified when your important devices are getting switched on/off.

  • This is a wifi enabled smart wifi strip,You can control this power extension using our Android/iOS App from anywhere. It has normal on/off button also for manual control
  • Works With AMAZON ALEXA and GOOGLE HOME. . When you are away from the device, you can get notification when your important devices are getting switched ON/OFF
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility. Scheduling works even if internet is down. You can specify the devices attached to it to be switched off or on at any time on daily basis.
  • NO MONTHLY SIM CARD CHARGES. It runs on your home WiFi.

Be it your geyser which you forgot after switching on or the light which was on throughout the night, G-Spike Adapter is one stop solution for all what you require to automate your home electronics and appliances. You can even appear at home when you’re away, set the G-Spike Adapter to away mode and it’ll automatically turn the light on and off to give an appearance that someone is home.

Comes with 1 Year Warranty.

Get your Smart powerstrip today

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Ways to Scale Your Business and Make More Money

Ways to Scale Your Business and Make More Money

There are two things that every entrepreneur wishes for: more time and more money. We yearn for more time because balancing any semblance of a career with the demands of a family life, friends and other interests, becomes overwhelming.

We desire more money so that we can run ads or pay for employees or expand our operations, and everything else in between. Yes, having more money would be great but it’s wasted if you don’t know how to spend or properly invest that money on marketing or growing your business.

The truth? It’s often hard to find time to do anything when you’re enthralled in the perils of building or scaling a business to any degree. Not only do you need to effectively bootstrap your growth by wearing many hats, you also need to constantly work to increase your skill set while struggling to wrangle sales, dealing with customer service and tending to other tedious issues that tend to take up a large chunk of time.

If there never seems to be enough hours in your day, join the club. If you’re not properly managing your time with an effective time management system, or you’re immersed in one bad habit after another that seems to be eating away at all the precious moments you do have, then the problems compound on themselves.

Setting proper goals is necessary for anyone who’s serious about scaling their business, making more money, producing more product or achieving any other dream. They need to be smarter goals and there needs to be powerful reasons behind why those goals absolutely must be achieved.

By creating a plan, taking action and staying persistent no matter what, you can leverage the following strategies and methods to scale your business. It’s not easy. No one ever said it would be. But it is well worth it.

1. Leverage legitimate SEO techniques.

SEO seems complex and confusing, but it really boils down to a few fundamental principles. Those principles are the bedrock for over 200+ rules that go into Google’s current search algorithms. Learn SEO the right way, leveraging the proper techniques, while adhering to Google’s many rules, and you’ll succeed. Your visibility will eventually grow, resulting in a natural increase in leads and sales.

Related: 6 Advanced Techniques for Link-Building as a Future SEO Strategy

2. Create and share content on a blog.

Starting a blog is simple and straightforward. What isn’t simple and straightforward is actually posting useful and unique content that adds a tremendous amount of value, and doing that consistently. However, blogging is one of the best ways that you can build authority and create an organic audience over time. By becoming an authority, you’ll end up attracting customers rather than chasing after them.


3. Answer questions on Quora.

Quora offers up a great opportunity for online marketers to connect with a massive audience by answering questions and engaging with like-minded individuals from around the world. Use Quora to spread value and further establish yourself as an authority, effectively helping you to scale your business by boosting your visibility through the platform’s massive footprint.

4. Connect with influencers.

I’ve long been fascinated with the concept of influencers, gravitating towards them to uncover the secrets behind how they’ve built such massive audiences. It’s not easy to become an influencer, but if you have a small budget, one near-instantaneous way you can scale your business is to get influencers on board to champion your products or services. This is a quick way to get out in front of a very large audience. But not the cheapest way.

5. Run a contest or giveaway.

Contests and giveaways offer another quick way to market. The word free is very enticing, and people will naturally want to sign up for anything that involves a potential windfall prize. Your giveaway needs to be worth it if you’re going to collect that all-important contact information. However, be sure to pay homage to local laws and regulations when running any kind of contest. FTC regulations run fierce in this arena.

6. Post content on Medium.com

Medium is by far one of my favorite sites for content marketing. This authority site offers up the ability for anyone to post useful content to market anything online. However, don’t use this to spam. Instead, create useful discussions and tutorials that will further enforce anchor-content on your website. The goal is to market your site the right way and not by spamming links through thin content

7. Setup a social media content channel.

Social media offers one of the most abundant opportunities for scaling any business, no matter what type of business you’ve started. It also offers an avenue to tap into the world’s connected population, quickly and effectively. Clearly, achieving a massive following is no simple feat, but that shouldn’t deter you from establishing a content channel where you can spread value throughout social media to raise the awareness and visibility of your offers.

8. Build in-depth YouTube tutorials.

Deep-dive into the world of video with YouTube tutorials. Creating a popular YouTube channel isn’t easy, but it is well worth it. To do it, you have to provide in-depth tutorials, helping people to really understand a niche or solve a problem. Whatever it is that you do, help to educate the world on how best to do it. In turn, you’ll become an authority and an industry leader, ultimately leading to greater exposure and eventually, more sales.

9. Create a lead magnet and sales funnel.

Ask any smart online marketer about how they scale out a business, and they’ll tell you the same thing: build an effective sales funnel. Draw them in with a value-laced lead magnet and drop them into a funnel where you can sell them on autopilot. The right sales funnel, split-tested to oblivion, with a clear understanding of your cost-per acquisition, can be scaled infinitely. Not only will you grow your business by leaps and bounds, but you’ll make tremendous amounts of money no matter what business you’re in.


10. Deliver real value through email marketing.

Email marketing is the most powerful driver of sales for leading online marketers and businesses the world over. This isn’t just about your email drip-campaigns that go out automatically; this is about truly reaching out and connecting with your subscribers. It’s that connection to you that will help sell whatever it is that you’re selling on auto-pilot. However, it has to be done the right way. Not by spamming but by genuinely sharing and trying to help others.

11. Hire commission-based sales reps.

Most businesses can’t afford to keep a large staff of sales people on board. Instead, they turn to commission-based sales reps to help provide a stepping stone to the next level in their business. However, those sales reps need to be effectively trained; they can’t simply be hired and forgotten about. Take the time to create training videos and helpful guides to walk them through your entire system and business, and use it to quickly scale things out when you need to bring on more members of the team.

12. Advertise with AdWords or Facebook.

Conversion-pixel tracking is a great way to grow your business online by targeting the right audience. You can do this with a Facebook conversion pixel, while also tracking any event such as shopping cart abandonments or products that were added to a wish list but not purchased and so on. You can then directly target these individuals with ads, enticing them to come back. Similarly, on Google’s AdWords platform, you can use re-targeting through contextual or search-related ads as well.


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Reasons Why Lazy People Are Actually Really Smart and use Smart products

Reasons Why Lazy People Are Actually Really Smart and use Smart products

You call them lazy? It’s high time for you to see them as the smartest one in your clique. Lazy people may not be the first one to make the move when in need, but they sure do find ways. where they can get things done with minimum efforts.

They can and do get things done with minimum efforts.

1. They find the easiest, most convenient and brilliant ways to do things

. They have an easy alternative for everything that they’re supposed to do

3. Their definition, of being moderately active, may be different from everyone else

4. Their business ideas can be worth applauding

5. They will have access to smartest applications, tools, products, technologies, ideas to do things at the last minute and never be late

6. When it comes to being creative, you’ll be surprised to see the functionality of things you never thought of

7. They can handle things to the extreme levels until it is terribly necessary — Holding the pee, waiting for someone to turn on the fan, lying hungry for hours, watching a boring channel etc……

8. Multitasking is something they are really good at

9. They are likely to remember all the shortcuts by heart

10. They are extremely good at reviving with their quick power naps

11. They are extremely sharp because they pick new ways to learn things

If you could relate with this, Share 🙂 

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Why buy the Gplug ? Turn on your fan at 4am Just by tapping on your phone!

Why buy the Gplug ? Turn on your fan at 4am Just by tapping on your phone!

Even the most retro home can be given a high tech makeover these days – thanks to Wi-Fi, smartphones and the Internet of Things. Take the humble wall socket. Or rather the bulbous lump at the end of the cable that you plug into it, yes the plug. It’s going high tech too.

The Wi-Fi enabled, internet connected Gplug enables you to do that seemingly impossible thing – switch something on of off without you physically having to wander over the wall socket its plugged into and flick the switch. Now you can switch it on or off from anywhere – whether that’s at home, at work, on holiday or somewhere in between – The Grayhats Gplug

Such is the popularity of smart plugs – and smart homes, of course – that all kinds of big brands are getting in on the act. You’ll know people like Belkin and TP-Link from their Wi-Fi routers, of course, but then there are companies such as British Gas and Panasonic that are having a crack at smart plugs too, but grayhats is here to serve you with a better that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Rounded up here are five of the best – all will work wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. Enabling you to turn the super-computer in your pocket into a virtual switch. Oh, but there’s so much more to them than that.


The best reason to buy a Gplug is that you can embed it into the rest of your smart home setup. For one thing you can set up ‘zones’ that enabled you to smartly control devices in a particular location in your home (your living room or kitchen, say) and then activate them at will.

The other is that you can set scenes – automatically switching on lights and other appliances when it gets dark, for example. You can also use geofenced triggers to automatically switch items on and off as you get closer to, or further away, from home.

Imagine coming home to a warm house, with music from the radio filling the air, lights from table lamps and fairy lights twinkling. Now we’re talking right? The smart home and your smartphone can do that. And smart plugs have an important role to play.


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