The smart G-Spike Adapter ( Smart Power Strip ) comes with a master switch, indicator, safety shutter, international sockets, surge protector and Wi-fi Strip. It not only protects your appliances from harmful damage during electrical imbalances but also lets you operate your home appliances virtually from anywhere and everywhere. The –Spike Adapter works with any Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service. You can even pair it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and can run using voice command too. Each socket can be controlled and scheduled independently.

The G-Spike Adapter lets you control your appliances at your fingertips by using an iOS/Android App. You can Schedule on/off all those power hungry appliances which drain a lot of electricity and even check the energy usage in some cases. The scheduler works even when the internet is down and you’ll get notified when your important devices are getting switched on/off.

  • This is a wifi enabled smart wifi strip,You can control this power extension using our Android/iOS App from anywhere. It has normal on/off button also for manual control
  • Works With AMAZON ALEXA and GOOGLE HOME. . When you are away from the device, you can get notification when your important devices are getting switched ON/OFF
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility. Scheduling works even if internet is down. You can specify the devices attached to it to be switched off or on at any time on daily basis.
  • NO MONTHLY SIM CARD CHARGES. It runs on your home WiFi.

Be it your geyser which you forgot after switching on or the light which was on throughout the night, G-Spike Adapter is one stop solution for all what you require to automate your home electronics and appliances. You can even appear at home when you’re away, set the G-Spike Adapter to away mode and it’ll automatically turn the light on and off to give an appearance that someone is home.

Comes with 1 Year Warranty.

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