For those of you anxiously awaiting the future, we’ve good news – it’s already here! Some technologies, which were just creative visions a decade back are all a reality now. Remember the scene in one of the back to the Future movies, where Marty McFly wears a virtual reality device? A reality now! The self-driving cars in Total Recall? Or the smart homes in Electric Dreams,? All are for real now.

Grayhats has been working on getting this technology to you at your finger tips at a an affordable cost. Grayhats IoT devices will be more of life hack device making your life really easy. And deliver international level customer experience.

Grayhats IoT devices will be made available at amazon, ebay, flipcart and other ecommerce platform.

We at grayhats thrive to get this high end technology to the smallest communities at the best price.

And what’s the technology that’s been driving these visions into a reality? It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). This fancy name for all-things-connected has been a buzzword for quite some time in the IT, offering us convenient solutions to most of our everyday concerns.


For the uninitiated, IoT or the Internet of Things is the technical term for an ecosystem of connected devices that collect data from the sensors embedded in them and send them to the processing centres. The collected data then gets analyzed or processed and comes out as optimized information, offering smart, intuitive, and personalized solutions.


If you’re unaware, the technology is already up and running in the market and you might have used that at one point or the other, too. Your smartphone is one of the components of IoT and if you’ve used a smartwatch or a health band, you’ve used IoT. From smart homes, smart toothbrushes, smart refrigerators, to smart coffee brewers, IoT is touching everything


The Rise of Grayhats IoT

Like you can see, IoT is here to stay. As the everyday things we use start becoming smarter, the role of IoT will only become more prominent. Besides just personal devices, IoT is making its mark in industries and businesses such as manufacturing, oil and gas mining, transportation, agriculture, retail, logistics, infrastructure, banks, healthcare, aviation and more.


If numbers fascinate you, there are currently 6 billion connected devices globally, producing 2.5m TB of data. And let me remind you that this is just a day’s count. Three years down the line, this number is expected to shoot up to 30m TB every day. Now, that’s a lot of data. So, what’s clear from this is IoT will rule the IT for the next couple of decades.


What’s in it for You?

The answer is simple – a lucrative career and an avenue to explore and leave a remarkable impact. With the amount of data generated by these connected devices only increasing, a huge demand for data scientists and analysts to process the data and get crucial insights on things that matter to a business or the society is on the rise as well.
In case you didn’t know, tons of people out there have already woken up to IoT and have realized its scope and opportunities. Moreover, programmers today are reskilling to IoT and learning all the necessary programming languages and modules to become IoT experts. However, IoT being an extensive field, it’s not just placed for programmers but for anyone with the right skillset.

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