Even the most retro home can be given a high tech makeover these days – thanks to Wi-Fi, smartphones and the Internet of Things. Take the humble wall socket. Or rather the bulbous lump at the end of the cable that you plug into it, yes the plug. It’s going high tech too.

The Wi-Fi enabled, internet connected Gplug enables you to do that seemingly impossible thing – switch something on of off without you physically having to wander over the wall socket its plugged into and flick the switch. Now you can switch it on or off from anywhere – whether that’s at home, at work, on holiday or somewhere in between – The Grayhats Gplug

Such is the popularity of smart plugs – and smart homes, of course – that all kinds of big brands are getting in on the act. You’ll know people like Belkin and TP-Link from their Wi-Fi routers, of course, but then there are companies such as British Gas and Panasonic that are having a crack at smart plugs too, but grayhats is here to serve you with a better that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Rounded up here are five of the best – all will work wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. Enabling you to turn the super-computer in your pocket into a virtual switch. Oh, but there’s so much more to them than that.


The best reason to buy a Gplug is that you can embed it into the rest of your smart home setup. For one thing you can set up ‘zones’ that enabled you to smartly control devices in a particular location in your home (your living room or kitchen, say) and then activate them at will.

The other is that you can set scenes – automatically switching on lights and other appliances when it gets dark, for example. You can also use geofenced triggers to automatically switch items on and off as you get closer to, or further away, from home.

Imagine coming home to a warm house, with music from the radio filling the air, lights from table lamps and fairy lights twinkling. Now we’re talking right? The smart home and your smartphone can do that. And smart plugs have an important role to play.


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